Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's Haute Coutute time...

...but I don't want to talk about it.
It will be definitely a challenging topic fot the first fashion post.
So, what can I write about?
Let's find an halfway.
The other day, Saturday, coming back from a strong session of shopping I litteraly spread myself on the sofa watching some telly and there was an epic event, the (second) marriage of the year, Albert and Charlene.  On "channel six" there was such a silly live television report, comments like " Her train is not classy at all!" but on "channel one" there was a more interesting one, I mean, only people ho rais their hands to talk and that perfectly knows what they was going to say.
Anyway, I was just falling asleep when I saw Her:

Charlotte Casiraghi ...and sorry if is not enough.
When I was a child my hairstylist Lisa used to say that i looked like her.
Yeah, let's trust Lisa, she is wooooooow and I'm well, I'm me.
The picture I've found is not really the framming who left me speechless, but is still wow.
Since Uncle Karl was in Montecarlo too i think that Charlotte left him speechless too, and maybe that's why some days later...

... is this just a coincidence? Did he thought it before? But I can perfectly see him saying to the tailors "Prenez la dentelle et couper! Vit, couper!" and anyway guess who was in the front row?

Ah, la Moda.


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