Tuesday, 12 July 2011

(I will have some) Strokes

It's a four years waiting fot The Strokes and finally tonight they'll playing here!

It will be GREAT!

Plus, I love live music and I love The Strokes, the shitty thing is that even if is an amazing location it's one hour far from Milan, now, most of you may say, eff off, I'll be there and I'm from Rome, or Naples or I will not be there because it's 12 hours from my place. And then I'll say aaallright, but you know, bringing out a girl from the city is always difficult if you're not talking about seaside.
Verdena will be opening then, I also love them but you know, I've seen them already twice this year and I definitely think that I'm having enough.
And the silly part is that in June they (i mean, Verdena) played in the place where I work so I went in the backstage asking the drummer if he want to be part in my band and he said NO. Him eff off this time.
The point is, I wanna create a grunge band, I mean, really grunge and really 90's and that guy would be perfect, soo perfect. And now I am soo disappointed by him.

Going back to The Strokes, here's the line up (or better the Coachella's one, and we hope will be the same tonight!)

I Can’t Win
Hard To Explain
Under Cover of Darkness
New York City Cops
You’re So Right
The Modern Age
You Only Live Once
Taken for a Fool
Under Control

Last Nite
Take It Or Leave It

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