Friday, 8 July 2011

Summer Outfits

Here in Milan is HOT. And I'm not complaining about it, but I think I'm the only person in the City having a head cold... however.
Topics of today are the summer outfits.
First, don't judge caring on the people I'll found with the outfit I have in my mind but I'm not going to take pictures of myself so be content with it.
First, this is in my opinion the BEST summer outfit ever .

Of course she is Nicole Richie, and this super basic outfit with shorts in denim, white t-shirt or blouse and black boots is only perfect.
I use this match very often, but sometimes i try some simple black sneakers or with a white or black shirt sleeveless.

If you want something more romantic than go for this match:

Biker boots, flower print small dress and leather jacket.
Well, if you don't have a pair of biker boots than go back in 2010, then the flower dress you can find it everywhere this summer, from H&M to Alexander McQueen, so just  go and grab one. In the end the jacket (during the day you can leave it at home of course). The one she is wearing is very nice and simple, but is also nice to try with an elegant, maybe over sized, blazer or just a simple black cardigan.

Nothing easier.


  1. ma me pice molto il look basico di Nicole Richie, ma per la città preferisco indossare abitini leggeri come quello della terza foto!
    Un bacio!

  2. Beh se sei in città, a Milano, un look come quello di Nicole mi sembra super adatto e anche molto comodo.

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