Thursday, 7 July 2011

Should I?

I mean, what should I say in the first post?
What do you want to read, how am I? How old am I?
Are you really interested in this?
Of course I love fashion, otherwise i won't be here.
But I can tell you why i start all this.
I was looking for some Blogger to invite to an event organized by me and surfing in the fashion-web-blog and looking for blog based in Milan or in Italy I didn't find ANYTHING that I like, but basically people who show themselves whit brand new dresses o super-vintage-just-found-in-the-closet, all right, you're beautiful (almost) but then?
Of course you're great, but i want to do something different, about Fashion and Art and Music and I Don't Have Anything To Wear and whatever I have in my brain.

Anyhow, I'm Eva, born in the far 1987, living in Milan, I would live somewhere else I would live in Milan.
Deal. Let's this start? Let's start!

AH! I'm soo lazy but I promise to  let this grow. 
Gosh, only text is boring, so this is really me:

wearing Minimal_to

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